For same parts of the API to work, you’ll have to provide tax information in your MWS Pro account. Otherwise you’ll get a Seller is not registered for Basic fulfillment. error message back.

For the time being, this is going to be a collection of finding while using the MWS API. It mainly things that I’ve picked up while working on it through feedback submitting wrong or incomplete data. It’s not necessarily correct and I am happy to be corrected where that’s the case.


  • Fulfillment orders are created against a seller account rather than a marektplace. That means all marketplaces that belong to the same seller account are submitted against that seller account and do not require a marketplaces.

Submitting An Order

  • The DestinationAddress.CountryCode is validated against the seller account region and is rejected if outside of it. E.g. a US country code submitted to a seller acount for Europe is rejected with:

      <Message>Value US for parameter DestinationAddress.CountryCode is invalid. Reason: InvalidValue.</Message>
  • Submitting an order requires a value for StateOrProvinceCode for the destination address. As far as I have tested it, there is no validation on the state for the European marketplaces. The Marketplace for the US (and most likely Canada as well) is rejecting anything but the official 2-letter code for the US state.