default: True

The seller SKU for a product used with Amazon to uniquely identify it stored on the AmazonProfile of that product. Oscar’s stock record in the partner app also provides a SKU that is used with a Partner corresponding to a seller/merchant ID with MWS. In most cases, you would want the partner SKU on the StockRecord kept in sync with the SKU on the AmazonProfile. To enforce this constraint, you can update the stock records for Amazon-related partners whenever the Aamzon profile is saved. This is enabled by default. To switch it off set MWS_ENFORCE_PARTNER_SKU = False in you settings.


Specify the order adapter class to use to convert an order into a fulfillment order containing data as expected by Amazon.


The mapper class for the order line to convert it into a fulfillment orde line including data as expected by Amazon.


default: oscar_mws.fulfillment.finders.default_merchant_finder


default: Standard